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The Secrets Behind Squid Game, the Hit Series that Shocked the World

Squid Game Full: A Review of the Netflix Hit Series

If you are looking for a binge-worthy show that will keep you on the edge of your seat, look no further than Squid Game. This Korean drama series has taken the world by storm, becoming one of the most watched and talked about shows on Netflix. But what is Squid Game all about, and why is it so addictive? Here is everything you need to know about Squid Game full episodes, including how to watch them online, what to expect from season 2, and some frequently asked questions.

What is Squid Game?

Squid Game is a dystopian thriller series that follows a group of people who are invited to participate in a mysterious competition. The catch? The competition involves playing children's games with deadly consequences. The winner will receive a huge cash prize, while the losers will face a gruesome fate.

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The premise

The story begins with Gi-hun, a broke and desperate man who is in debt to loan sharks, estranged from his family, and facing eviction. He receives a strange offer from a well-dressed man who asks him to play a simple game of ddakji, a Korean paper-flipping game. If he wins, he gets some money; if he loses, he gets slapped. Gi-hun agrees, and after losing several times, he finally wins. The man then gives him a card with a phone number and a symbol of a squid, inviting him to join a bigger game with more money at stake.

Gi-hun is not the only one who receives this invitation. Hundreds of other people who are in similar situations of financial hardship and desperation also get contacted by the same mysterious organization. They are all taken to an undisclosed location, where they are given green tracksuits and numbers. They are then told that they will play six games over six days, and that the winner will receive 45.6 billion won (about $38 million). However, they soon discover that the games are not as innocent as they seem, and that losing means death.

The characters

Aside from Gi-hun (played by Lee Jung-jae), there are several other main characters who play important roles in the story. These include:

  • Sang-woo (played by Park Hae-soo), Gi-hun's childhood friend who is a former stockbroker and a fugitive from the law.

  • Sae-byeok (played by Jung Ho-yeon), a North Korean defector who wants to reunite with her family.

  • Deok-su (played by Heo Sung-tae), a violent and greedy gangster who causes trouble for everyone.

  • Il-nam (played by Oh Young-soo), an elderly man who suffers from a brain tumor and enjoys playing the games.

  • Jun-ho (played by Wi Ha-jun), a police officer who infiltrates the game as a staff member to find his missing brother.

The games

The games that the players have to compete in are based on popular children's games in Korea. They are:

  • Red Light, Green Light: A game where one person acts as a traffic light and says "red light" or "green light" while facing away from the others. The others have to run towards the finish line when they hear "green light" and stop when they hear "red light". If they move during "red light", they are eliminated.

  • D - Dalgona: A game where the players have to cut out a shape from a thin layer of honeycomb candy using a needle. If they break the shape or fail to cut it out within the time limit, they are eliminated.

  • Tug of War: A game where the players are divided into two teams of 10 and have to pull a rope over a pit. The team that falls into the pit is eliminated.

  • Marbles: A game where the players are paired up and have to play various games involving marbles. The games are chosen by the players themselves, and the rules can vary. The goal is to collect 10 marbles from the other player. The player who loses all their marbles is eliminated.

  • Glass Stepping Stones: A game where the players have to cross a bridge of 18 glass panels. Each panel is either tempered or normal glass, and can support only one person's weight. The players have to guess which panel is safe and step on it. If they step on a normal glass panel, it will break and they will fall to their death.

  • Squid Game: A game where the final two players have to play a traditional Korean game called squid game. The game involves drawing a squid-shaped figure on the ground, and one player has to defend the head of the squid while the other player has to attack it. The attacker can use any means to reach the head, while the defender can only use their feet. The attacker wins if they step on the head, and the defender wins if they push the attacker out of the figure.

Why is Squid Game so popular?

Squid Game has become a global phenomenon, breaking records and generating buzz across different countries and cultures. But what makes it so appealing to millions of viewers? Here are some possible reasons:

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The social commentary

Squid Game is not just a mindless entertainment show. It also offers a sharp critique of the social and economic inequalities that plague modern society. The show depicts how people who are struggling with debt, poverty, and oppression are driven to desperate measures and exploited by a ruthless system. It also exposes how greed, selfishness, and violence can corrupt human nature and destroy relationships. Squid Game challenges us to reflect on our own values and choices, and to question the status quo.

The suspense and thrill

Squid Game is also a masterful example of storytelling that keeps us hooked from start to finish. The show creates a sense of tension and unpredictability that makes us wonder what will happen next, who will survive, and who will betray whom. The show also surprises us with twists and turns that subvert our expectations and shock us with their brutality. Squid Game is not for the faint of heart, but for those who enjoy a good thrill, it is a satisfying ride.

The cultural appeal

Squid Game also showcases the richness and diversity of Korean culture, which adds to its charm and uniqueness. The show features elements of Korean history, language, music, food, fashion, and art that give it a distinctive flavor and style. The show also introduces us to some of the games that are part of Korean childhood memories, such as red light green light, dalgona, and squid game. These games are simple but fun, and they evoke a sense of nostalgia and curiosity among viewers. Squid Game invites us to explore and appreciate a different culture, while also finding common ground with its universal themes.

How to watch Squid Game full episodes online?

If you are interested in watching Squid Game full episodes online, you have several options available. Here are some of them:


The easiest and most convenient way to watch Squid Game full episodes online is through Netflix, the streaming platform that produced and distributed the show. Netflix has all nine episodes of Squid Game available in HD quality, with subtitles and dubbing in various languages. You can watch Squid Game on Netflix using any device that supports the app, such as your computer, smartphone, tablet, smart TV, or gaming console. You can also download Squid Game episodes on your device for offline viewing.

To watch Squid Game on Netflix, you need to have a Netflix account and a subscription plan that suits your needs. Netflix offers three plans: Basic ($8.99 per month), Standard ($13.99 per month), and Premium ($17.99 per month). The Basic plan allows you to watch on one screen at a time in standard definition (SD), while the Standard plan allows you to watch on two screens at a time in high definition (HD). The Premium plan allows you to watch on four screens at a time in ultra high definition (UHD) or 4K resolution. Other streaming platforms

If you don't have a Netflix account or subscription, you might be wondering if there are other ways to watch Squid Game full episodes online. The answer is yes, but with some limitations and risks. There are some streaming platforms that offer Squid Game episodes for free or for a lower price than Netflix, but they may not have the same quality, availability, or legality as Netflix. Some of these platforms are:

  • Collider: This is a website that covers entertainment news and reviews, and also offers some streaming content. You can watch Squid Game full episodes on Collider for free, but you have to deal with ads and pop-ups. You also have to register with an email address and create a password to access the episodes. The quality and subtitles may vary depending on the source.

  • The New York Times: This is a newspaper that also has a website that features articles, videos, and podcasts. You can watch Squid Game full episodes on The New York Times website for free, but you have to sign up for a free account with an email address and a password. You also have to agree to their terms of service and privacy policy. The quality and subtitles may vary depending on the source.

  • Netflix Official Site: This is the official website of Netflix, where you can watch Squid Game full episodes online if you have a Netflix account and subscription. You can also sign up for a free trial if you are a new user. This is the best option if you want to watch Squid Game in HD quality, with subtitles and dubbing in various languages, and without ads or interruptions.

A comparison table

To help you decide which streaming platform to use to watch Squid Game full episodes online, here is a comparison table that summarizes the main features of each option:

Streaming Platform










Multiple languages







Limited languages




The New York Times



Limited languages




What to expect from Squid Game season 2?

Squid Game season 1 ended with a major cliffhanger that left many viewers wondering what will happen next. Will there be a Squid Game season 2, and if so, what can we expect from it? Here are some of the details and speculations that we have so far:

The cliffhanger

The final episode of Squid Game season 1 revealed that Gi-hun was the sole survivor of the game, and that he received the prize money of 45.6 billion won. However, he did not use the money for a year, and instead lived in isolation and depression. He also learned that Il-nam, the elderly man who befriended him during the game, was actually the mastermind behind the whole operation. Il-nam explained that he created the game out of boredom and curiosity, and that he wanted to see if people could still have fun and be human in extreme situations. He also challenged Gi-hun to a final bet: whether someone would help a homeless man on the street on a cold night. Gi-hun accepted the bet, and they agreed that if someone helped the man, Il-nam would die peacefully; if no one helped the man, Gi-hun would join him in death.

The episode then cut to a year later, when Gi-hun finally decided to use his money to help his mother's friend, Sang-woo's mother, and Sae-byeok's brother. He also dyed his hair red and boarded a plane to Los Angeles, where he planned to reunite with his daughter. However, before he could take off, he received a phone call from an unknown number. The caller was a staff member of the game, who warned him not to interfere with their business and to enjoy his life. Gi-hun then spotted a man playing ddakji with another potential player at the airport. He recognized the squid symbol on the card, and decided to get off the plane and stop them. He also called back the staff member and declared that he would end their game once and for all.

The theories

The ending of Squid Game season 1 left many questions unanswered and opened up many possibilities for Squid Game season 2. Some of the fan theories that have emerged include:

  • Gi-hun will become a vigilante who tries to expose and stop the game from continuing. He may also team up with Jun-ho, who was shot but not confirmed dead in the last episode.

  • Gi-hun will join the game as a staff member or a VIP (one of the masked elite who watch and bet on the game) to infiltrate and sabotage it from within.

  • Gi-hun will participate in another game with different rules and challenges, possibly involving players from other countries or regions.

  • Gi-hun will face a new antagonist who is related to Il-nam or has a personal vendetta against him.

  • Gi-hun will discover more secrets and mysteries about the game, such as its origin, purpose, and connection to other events or organizations.

The release date

As of now, there is no official confirmation or announcement about Squid Game season 2 from Netflix or the show's creator, Hwang Dong-hyuk. However, given the huge success and popularity of Squid Game season 1, it is very likely that Squid Game season 2 will happen eventually. Hwang Dong-hyuk has also expressed his interest and willingness to make Squid Game season 2, but he also admitted that it would be a difficult and time-consuming process. He said that he would need at least a year to prepare for Squid Game season 2, and that he would have to consider many factors, such as the story, the cast, the budget, and the pandemic situation. Therefore, we can expect Squid Game season 2 to come out sometime in 2024 or later.


Squid Game is a captivating and compelling series that has captivated millions of viewers around the world. It offers a thrilling and chilling story that combines action, drama, horror, and social commentary. It also features a diverse and talented cast of actors who bring their characters to life. If you are looking for a show that will keep you entertained and engaged, you should definitely watch Squid Game full episodes online. You can find them on Netflix or other streaming platforms, but be careful of spoilers and illegal sources. And if you are already a fan of Squid Game, you can look forward to Squid Game season 2, which will hopefully come out soon.


Here are Here are some of the frequently asked questions about Squid Game:

Q: What is the meaning of the squid symbol and the title of the show?

  • A: The squid symbol and the title of the show are based on a traditional Korean game called squid game, which is played by children. The game involves drawing a squid-shaped figure on the ground, and one player has to defend the head of the squid while the other player has to attack it. The game is similar to the final game in the series, where Gi-hun and Sang-woo face each other. The squid symbol and the title of the show represent the theme of childhood innocence and nostalgia, as well as the contrast between fun and violence.

Q: What is the significance of Gi-hun's red hair at the end of the show?

  • A: Gi-hun's red hair at the end of the show is a symbol of his transformation and rebellion. He changes his appearance to distance himself from his past and his trauma, and to start a new life. He also chooses red as a color of defiance and resistance, as it is the opposite of green, which is the color of the tracksuits that the players wear in the game. He also matches the color of the card that invites him to the game, which he rejects and challenges.

Q: What is the origin and inspiration of Squid Game?

  • A: Squid Game is an original creation by Hwang Dong-hyuk, who wrote and directed the series. He said that he came up with the idea in 2008, after watching a Japanese manga series called Liar Game, which also involves a psychological game with money and deception. He also said that he was inspired by his own experiences of playing games as a child, and by his observations of the social and economic problems in Korea and around the world.

Q: Is Squid Game based on a true story or a real game?

  • A: No, Squid Game is not based on a true story or a real game. It is a fictional and dystopian story that uses elements of reality to create a plausible and compelling scenario. However, some of the games that are featured in Squid Game are based on real games that are played by children in Korea, such as red light green light, dalgona, tug of war, marbles, and squid game.

Q: How many people watched Squid Game on Netflix?

  • A: According to Netflix, Squid Game was watched by more than 111 million accounts in its first four weeks, making it the most watched series in Netflix history. It also topped the charts in 94 countries, including the US, UK, India, Brazil, France, Germany, and Australia. It also received critical acclaim and positive reviews from critics and audiences alike.


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