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Nuance Paperport Serial Number

2.) Follow the "How to Activate your Nuance Product Manually" steps. If the serial number is correct and the message still appears, then the number of allowed activations for your license key has exceeded. Contact Customer Service to discuss your options, as an additional license of the software may be required. Note: Review the End User License Agreement (EULA) for the terms related to the number of systems or users that can legally use the software.

Nuance Paperport Serial Number


NUANCE HAS THE WORST TECH. SUPPORT IN THE INDUSTRY.And they gave me the wrong serial number. I tried to install 9.0 on my Vista computer and of course it wouldn't install so I had to apply for a download and get a new serial number to install 9.5. Except the new serial number was wrong! And I have been reluctant ever since to uninstall the fornicating program, after repeated calls to their wretched tech support I have finally found out, after a year of fumbling, that the number was wrong. Their tech's all speak Philippine English indecipherably and do not understand American English themselves. Why can't some competent company buyout this unfortunate program? It is still, by pitiful default, the best in the industry of the tech support is run by semi literate children. Pierrino Mascarino,

We lost the serial number for our Paperport 11. You cant get any support from Nuance without the serial number. Anybody have the support telephone number? Whole reason I need support is because I cant find my serial number, but without it they won't give you support!!! Tim


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